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Yo MAn rEaD aND DEal WitH iT


crazy cuz



July 15th, 2006

Later alligator

crazy cuz
I will give you the new loggin in like a week b/c I wasn't able to find my password so yeah there are only a couple really long one....yeah

July 9th, 2006

(no subject)

crazy cuz

June 17th, 2006

Ok here is the deal, I am starting a new journal and on July 15th, I'll tell you the screename so you can read it (if you want). It will have all my thoughts for a month and I won't have to worry about what anyone thinks about it, I am not fishing for any comments on this or the other one. It will say what I reeealy think and my internet blogging days will most likely be over when it's revealed... yeah.

June 15th, 2006

Saw "Cars" last night and thought it was pretty funny and heard about some voodoo and ghost stories(real ones) and was like whoa, and then, watched"skeleton key" with more freaking voodoo and I think the night light my grandma gave me for awill come in handy tonight...yeah so that's what happens when you go to Kenzie's lol

P.S. hehehehe I so got Jake on my side!!! =D

We're friends. Real friends.
That means that no matter how
long it takes you to look back and realize it was all a mistake,
I'll still be here...and hopefully you'll be there when I need a shoulder, even though I don't think it'll ever be the same
-e-mail sent by someone I don't know who-not Lauren-she would never admit anything like this to me

June 13th, 2006

Lets see, Friday I went to Schlitterbahn with Kenzie and Johnathan and Saturday I went to the RIver. Sunday Tamara had a fish fry thingy and they had like dolphin(not like eeeee kind),snapper,kingfish and a bunch of others. Monday I went back to Schlit and I am going to do something with my aunt tomorrow and will hopefully stay at Kenzie's.
I found this pic and thought it was kinda funny...

June 4th, 2006

(no subject)

crazy cuz
  •  Just got home, been at Tamara's since Thursday. Ty lost his last game and I laughed at him and he started crying and threw a fit. I went shopping with Tamara,her friend Elise and her daughters Haley(4) and Ashley(15). I basically got a couple shirts from Pacsun and Abercrombie and a new bathing suit. Tamara bought me big sunglasses-I don't plan on wearing them anytime soon. We( me, Ashley, Ty, Chase and Ty's friend Cody) went to Laser Tag too, I so won... there were a bunch of other guys there and they kept on trying to shoot me but I was like-pew pew and as I said-won. The boys woke me up at 8 and I was in the pool until like 6, my  face is the only thing sunburned though, I look like a tomato (but a cute one-lol). I burnt my hand on a Fry Daddy and it hurts soo bad!! So I'm going to stop typing and ghetto wrap it or something-that's how I do-lol.

    Name the top 5 books that have has the greatest impact on your life
  • Night-must I even explain?
  • Harry Potter (whole series)-Sometimes you just have to think like a child and let your imagination run wild
  • Chasing India-keeps you guessing until the guy comes out in a pink bunny suit, just keep on laughing through it all
  • Lovely Bones-Could that really be true-something like that!!!?
  • Where the Red Fern Grows-The end being told before I finshed and crying over it, gosh it was sad

    I don't know why but these are some of my favorite books though they(some) may be corny


May 31st, 2006

I am so freaaking confused with stupid livejournal!!! Alex, love the glasses but they so aren't my thing. I uploaded some pics so go see em'! Today was ok, we got most of the prom pictures and I don't look very goofy for once, lol, there were some crazy poses though me and Kenzie laughed a while.I saw The Hills today, and I think I might actually watch the rest of the season, I can't wait for Meet the Barkers to come back on! Speaking of tv, "The Sexiest Man Alive" was on Oprah, I was like Matthew McConahey!!!! Whew all I am talking about is tv. On another topic,I'll be away from the computer for like four days, I am going to my aunts house and I know yal will miss me! Lol

May 29th, 2006

Gosh it's hard to type with these nails... I had fun at prom, almost everyone looked really nice, it's funny how people look so much different with makeup and all that jazz. One of my favorite songs came on and you know I was like OMG!! and sang every word.
Clary's was okay, I still LOVE Mario's(61st shoot!).My shoes were getting bunches of compliments...I hated the end, it just really hit me that we'd be splitting up. Ian kept on throwing stink bombs, gosh he needs to mature. Then him and Christian got on the roof and I was like "help me up!!!!"lol. Yeah I am so just skipping from topic to topic.
I keep on getting asked if me and Johnathan are together and I just sigh, it's annoying how many times I've had to sigh. I still haven't gottten my promised bronco! between me, Catherine, and Mackenzie last night, I've got enough laughs to last a while, we were just like whoo!!!

Anyways, I was really upset about Coach Stig and you know the odd thing? We were going to be in his homeroom when he went to OC' and now that it's time to go there he's not there...
Well Mackenzie will be here at 8 so I'm out!!

May 23rd, 2006

"...I go back..."

crazy cuz
softballchika3 (softballchika3) wrote,
@ 2005-12-17 11:28:00

Current mood: lonely

This was in December

Well me and my 'friend' got in a fight,not fightlike ggrrr i want to punch you ,all out fight but the kind where our friendship will never be the same. I could see it coming as soon as the year started. Me and "L" who were always friends and always competition whould clash trying to win the friendship of the "friend". The "friend" said u can have more than one best friend which is true,but not in this case. L and the friend would talk about me and me and the friend whould talk about L. Well the "friend" suddenly started liking Luis and he became her everything even though he didnt like her.He liked someone else and she would become soo mad whenever he would even talk to her. I think Luis and the someone are better off together and the"friend" not with him besides, i liked her better when she wasnt obsessed with guys.
Well i like jp and he just ignores me like im not there and at the dance i just sat there until like the last dance where finally he asked me to dance but it wasnt like O YEAH like i wished but more like o.i think it was either a bet or a dare .L got the best dance...It seems as if I am always the bad guy.By now u have figured out who is who since i haven't mentioned any names so i'll just go ahead and type them in.Everything is changing,I no longer have a bff and everyone likes lauren, good for her, not me,I am happy for her though. Morgan, I know u will re-read this and i couldnt call u so i just wrote this.I didnt really mean obsessed but i
liked the who cared nothing about guys, alot better, she was the friend i used to have.

Not much's changed I guess, just that Lauren blocked me on AIM, just because I said hi...=D. Morgan doesn't like Luis anymore either. Or I don't think so we don't talk about that kind of stuff, me and her are usually just hey-hey-watcha doing-nm u-same...and leave it at that, she talks about that kinda stuff with "L" and Isabella, oh and the 7th graders probably. Today alls I did was lounge, I need to go walk my dog so I'll probably edit about my dilemma.

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